Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blood Brothers

Hey guys, so I got a request from a player on Raiza on Vassal for Corbulo and Dante combo tactics. So here we go!

I. Sphere of Blood-
         Dante and Corbulo both have a 12” aura that boosts your troops CC ability tremendously.  Combined it can be devastating, but how do you do that? Dante is a jumptrooper and can’t go in a rhino like Corbulo to stay safe.  They key is placement.  In objective based mission try to pool the loot counters as close as possible., and if not all the majority.  You have to place your troops in a sphere, which revolves around Dante and Corbulo.  In the picture below you can see a segment of a report I have recreated.  This is my Mech/ Jumpforce list and you can see I have set up behind a rhino wall and terrain.  Now he can stay away and shoot at me, but then that gives me time to get the dreadnaughts to come in and drop behind him.  Being a force with a lot of blood claws he comes in.  Dante and Corbulo are close to each other emitting that sphere.  The game was annihilation, so he opted to come into the sphere.  After on my turn my whole army disembarks and assaults.  Even with counter charge both units and one speeder go done.  I lose 4 marines spread amongst my units, but gain 3 Kill points.  After this all you need to do is load your troops back up and move the sphere closer and closer until your dreadnaughts come in the rear.  For Corbulo and Dante to be at their most potent this sphere must me created. For loot counters the closer they are to each other the more you can fit in you sphere.  So when you use Dante and Corbulo remember these rules.

-Keep them close
-Attempt to draw enemy into sphere
-Be aggressive if you can’t draw them into sphere force them into it.
-Group loot counters as best as you can
-No Eternal Warrior, so keep Corbulo in a rhino as best you can and Dante in a squad, or hiding.
-Be aggressive if you can’t draw them into sphere force them into it.

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