Friday, June 22, 2012

6th Edition timing

So when on the brink of investing in a new army list one thing not to do is buy it if the edition of the rules or codex are going to be updated soon. I had a 100+ gene stealer mass outflank list, that months later was made unplayable by the newest codex. Good thing someone bought that army from me, since they really like the paint job. With 6th edition around the corner I have to re think my list. Changes to jump-packs and vehicles make me want to reconsider my list. Descent of Angles and Sanguinary Guard Wing armies look to be a lot better which really entices me.

Also a side note, if anyone has spare Sanguinary Guard Wings I need a lot and am willing to buy or trade for them. Both armies require a lot of wings.

Next post will have some mock showings of bits and conversions I wish to do. You'll see why I need a lot of wings

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sisters of Slaughter (Working Title)

Well basically I am going to be bit smashing Sisters of Battle models with Blood Angel bits I have left over from my last army. Some of the new models for the Sisters of Battle made this a lot easier, though I have no idea what I what to use as the Librarian. Canoness looks to be the obvious model to build from, but I feel something better is out there.

The new immolator will be the razorbacks, after the adding of the assault cannons. Predators and Vindicator I will use there base model. Though I was thinking of using one of my old empire cannons and replacing it with the Vindicator one. Might look cool.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

List First

Librarian 100
Unleashed Rage
Shield of Sanguinius 

Honor Guard 115
Razorback 55
Heavybolter 0
Extra Armour 15
Chapter Standard 30
2x Power Claw 30
Power Fist 25
2x Power Weapons 30

2x Sanguinary Priest 100
2x Power Weapon 30

3x Assault Squad 300
3x Meltagun 30
3x Power weapon 45
3x Razorback 165
3x Assault Cannons 0
3x Extra Armour 45

3x Baal Pred 345
3x Assault Cannons 0
3x Heavybolter 90

2x Vindicator 290

Predator 70
65 Lascannon Sponsons


Heres the list, a basic armoured push with a good amount of firepower and a strong assault force. Librarian rides with Honor Guard and two of the three Assault squads gets a priest. Though the possible change to power weapons has me rethinking some of my equipment. 

Article of the conversion work I am going to do is on the way. Hint the army is code named at the moment "Sisters of Slaughter" 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


With money soon in my pocket I have decided to restart this blog of mine. Write up on my new conversions soon!