Friday, June 22, 2012

6th Edition timing

So when on the brink of investing in a new army list one thing not to do is buy it if the edition of the rules or codex are going to be updated soon. I had a 100+ gene stealer mass outflank list, that months later was made unplayable by the newest codex. Good thing someone bought that army from me, since they really like the paint job. With 6th edition around the corner I have to re think my list. Changes to jump-packs and vehicles make me want to reconsider my list. Descent of Angles and Sanguinary Guard Wing armies look to be a lot better which really entices me.

Also a side note, if anyone has spare Sanguinary Guard Wings I need a lot and am willing to buy or trade for them. Both armies require a lot of wings.

Next post will have some mock showings of bits and conversions I wish to do. You'll see why I need a lot of wings

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