Monday, July 2, 2012

Close Combat Gone?

So I have been reading over the new rulebook, deciding how it affected the army I was about to purchase. So with the changes on vehicle hull points and snap-fire I am honestly afraid to run that army now. Yes I get the subtle boost from chain-words all around, but that is about it. So were do I go from here?


This I know is a debated topic, but I see a conversion dream. Want rail-guns for your IG? Take Tau allies and convert some IG gundams. Eldar want to have some Dark Eldar in their army? Exoidite conversion? Create a new Aspect for what your taking? Go crazy.

So my idea to alter my list is to ally... Space Wolves

Dropping a Baal Predator and a Assault squad (Some other points here and there) will get me a Wolf Lord, a Grey Hunter squad in Razorback, and some Thunder Wolf cavalry. My idea is to sacrifice a little shooting and lessing one assault squad to be Grey Hunters (which are better then Tactical Marines for this situation. I gain another hammer melee unit, which is not on reliance of a transport.

Conversion ideas I don't know, something cool since I am going to still make them sisters of battle. I figured i'd put wolf pelts of the Grey Hunter counts as, but what cool thing could I make them ride. I was thinking giant lizards like cold ones, but there probably to small. Maybe giant steam punk steads? I don't know where i'd find those. For one that would be a painful conversion.

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