Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cathedral WIP

So here is one of the towers I made.  I have drawn a floor plan ill scan and put up here when it gets back with it's A from my teacher =).

So its foam board and some wood from my school store.  I used the back end of my metal box cutter to beat some texture into the walls. 


  1. Very interesting and easy to build TLoS blocking terrain, I might have to take a go at something similar. Props.

  2. I am actually planning on using this for my display board. But yes for terrain I could pop out a whole tables worth of buildings in a hour or two. Painting doesn't have to be more then a couple of dry brushed layers and then bam you have a fast usable set of terrain. Put some flock and add some detail, then you got some nicer more advance terrain. In a week or two when I am home and settled I plan to do a video on terrain.