Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rhino Conversion WIP!!

Well this is my first test at my Death company rhino conversions.  This rhino was traded to me build and painted, so that made the process harder.  But it was my first one so I didn't mind sacrificing it for the trial.  

So I basically had to cut and pry the Rhino door off and then cut out the inner door to make room for the Death Company model.  After I got that done I took the door piece and cut it down the center and curving down.  I places a mock marine in there for now for spacing purposes.  Next I will carve v like marks along the cut to making it look more like a chainsword cut through it.  I will have more WIP pictures up in a couple days as next I work on the top hatch.  

So any comments are welcome, bash me if you want.  This is my first major work with converting and green stuff so any feed back is welcome!!!

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