Saturday, March 27, 2010

Battle Report Blood Angels Versus Dark Angels

So I played against a Da army at 2k and here was my list

Librarian 100
Epistolary 50
Combi Melta 10
Might of Heros 0
Unleashed Rage 0

2x Sanguinary Priest 100
1x Power Weapon 15
1x Powerfist 25

Tact Sqaud 90
5x Extra marines 80
Meltagun 5
Lascannon 10
Power Weapon 15

3x Assault Squad 300
3x Meltagun 30
3x Power weapon 45
3x Razorback 60
3x Assault Cannons 105
3x Extra Armour 45
3x Searchlight 3

3x Baal Pred 345
2x Assault Cannons 0
1x Firestorm Cannon 0
2x Heavybolter 60
1x Heavy Flamer 25
3x Searchlight

Pred 70
Lascannons 65
Search light 1
Extra armour 15

2x Vindicator 290
2x extra armour 30
2x Searchlight 2


I went with a melee Librarian to add more smack then shooting effect.  The Unleashed Rage makes up for losing Dante's old aura a little.  But I do have to say "I LOVE FAST TANKS!!!!"  Vindies are back and they are angry, move 12" and shoot? Thank you!  Scout Baal Preds? Thank you! They are awesome if you get first turn and can set up some side armour shots first turn.  Flamestorm turret outflank? Yes please!  I added the Autocannon and Las Pred for some mix and more Anti Tank and Monster fire power.  Well I wil explain more in the report, but lets give a quickly of his list.

1 Deathwing Terminator Sqaud
2x Tactical Squad in Rhinos Melta/Hbolter/PF
2x Ravenwing Attack Squad Attackbikes and Land Speeders

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Deployment he won roll and let me go first.  We got Spearhead and Annihilation, so I choose the lower half and deployed up and far as I could.  I pressed on flank with my Baal Preds and left the Flamerstorm in reserve.  I decided not to combat squad my tactical squad, so that not to have more kill points out.  He then deployed and reserved his Terminators (Choosing not to deathwing assault them), and also he choose to outlfank his bikes.  I then scout move my Baal preds in order to get some side armour shots on the Vindies hoping to at least silence them.  Also my Librarian's squad and my upper assault squad gained Red Thirst.
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Turn one 
So I press the flanks of vindies as stated before and do a general advance.  I place one vindicator in the center, in obscuring cover, for maximum fire zoning.  Everything else just goes forward.  Then shooting came and hell was unleashed.  Baal preds unleashed on the Vindies side armour and ripped through them.  One was wrecked other immobilized and also fire from the tactical's lascannon, Vindicator and Razorback above stunned and immobilized then rhinos.  Everything else missed or caused lesser damage.

On his turn he didn't do much except turbo boost Sammael directly west, pop smoke on rhinos, and shake my left Baal Pred with Vindicator (Stunned but extra armour)
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Turn two Ba
This turn starts off with me failing a terrain test with my Vindicator in the center.  Rest of the army again presses forward in order to take out the last Vindicator and trap the rhinos and their occupants.  The shaken Baal Pred moved into position for next turn possibility to fire at rhino's or disembarked troops.  Also my Flamestorm came in and outflanked my right side, since there were no troops I went for a rear flame shot at the rhino.  Hey it's s6 and ignores the smoke why not?  Also I placed it in obscured cover.  But it whiffed of course.  My top razor takes a wound off Sammael with assault cannon.  

Da's turn the top rhino which was immobilized disembarks it's troops and they move at the Flamestorm Baal Pred.  Sammael tubros again behind the building in top left corner.  Also One Ravenwing Assault squad comes in on my right side.  They move behind the smoked Baal Pred  accompanied by the attack bike and the Speeder sits still behind the ruin close to the bottom right corner.  The all fire and assaulting did not much more then shacking the Flamestorm Pred and weapon destroyed, and shake the smoked Baal Pred.  

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Turn Ba 3
I start by tank shocking the bikes and running over his sergeant who attempted to death or glory. I back the Flamestorm Pred out and attempt to get distance from the Tactical Marines.  Everything else moves up to gain firing lanes at the bikes.  The Autocannon Pred moves to take out the Land Speeder and it does.  They rest really whiffs, beside the top Razorback which continues to stun the rhino still loaded.

Da turn the terminators come in and the other Ravenwing attack squad.  The Ravenwing come in behind my Tactical Squad and the Terminators drop in next to my Razor back closest to the corner due to the bikes holding a teleport homer.  Everything whiffs for him from shooting, but his Ravenwing bike squad assaults and crushes the tactical squad which falls back away.

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So this shot is from then end of Da's 4th turn.  He concedes after my 5th turn, but I forgot to take the shot of it.  My Librarian and one assault squad destroy the Terminators after 2 round of horrible rolling.  He destroyed my Flamestorm Pred with the Tactical squad, but not before he laid down the flame killing the bikes.  I disembarked my top squad and kill his leftmost tactical squad.  Sammael assaulted the retreating squad which held.  I shot down his other Landspeeder and wrecked his rhino with a scattered Vindicator shot. 

Score Ba 8 Da 1

So basically I am loving fast tanks it is great.  Also I need to mess around with what powers to use on my Librarian, because I didn't see much effect this game.  But I am going to try this same list again before I pass my judgment on it.  Sanguinary Priest are a defiant need and work very well in the Razorbacks with an assault squad.  I can't say much more then "I LOVE FAST TANKS!!!!!!"  But more testing will happen.

So this was my first report I have wrote and need some feedback.  Too long? Too many pictures? Too short? Not enough pictures?  Let me know if you like it and would like to read more.


  1. As a newb blood angels player I love your blogger and this battle report is perfect. Give me more!