Friday, March 19, 2010

Product Review and Status update

So I got my hands on some good stuff a couple days ago.  That being some Jawaballs resin bases and these things rock.  I am planning on using the cobble stone bases, so that my army will blend in on the display board I am building with the cathedral.  He some pictures of some before paint and after my first try at painting them.  You guys need to go over to Jawaballs product line and see the amazing stuff he is coming out with before they all go! Link here

I also have purchased some bits to begin my first conversion project on my rhino.  I will be modeling a death company chain sawing through the side door hatch to get out.  Also there will be one trying to get out from the top hatch.  I will have work in progress pictures up in a couple days.

Now I have to give one more shout out to Fritz.  Yes I know if you are reading this you probably already know of him and Jawaballs.  But I had the opportunity to talk to Fritz this past monday at Battle For Salvation, White plains New York.  We had a nice chat about his new Tyranid army and blogging.  I know these guys probably get a lot of hate from some people, but those people never talk to them in person.  Fritz is as nice or even nicer to chat with face to face.  I wish I could chat with him more at Battle for Salvation, but sadly college in philadelphia is calling me back.  You guys need to go over to Fritz's site and take a look at his work.

More to come guys and those pictures will be coming asap!


  1. I can see in my minds eye that one of your guys will have a power saw

  2. I personally go with the sautering iron when I need to get "the job done"