Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stormraven Gunship Build Ideas

Unusually GW has decided not to create a model for the Stormraven Gunship, what could of been the Trygon for nids, the Stegadon for Lizardmen, and the Hydras for Dark Elves.  But I have been plotting how to create some, since like everyone else I don't want to wait!

This bad boy was my first idea.  The Land Speeder Tempest from Forgeworld clocking in at $50 before shipping was my first eyesore.  I think a little bit of extending to the back and with some plastic card could do the trick.  At the end make a box compartment where the troops would go and leave space between that and the front halve for the dred.  Put some industrial looking arms that would carry the dred and Bam!  Weaponry will be my next issue to handle, but that will wait until I see its layout.  

I may have to go with the GW Speeder and put some plastic card to make it have a armoured compartment.  This is cheaper and comes with more bits and weapons to work with.  When I get my hands one I will have a build video going.  

Any Thoughts on conversion idea for this bad boy? 


  1. land speeder is nowhere near big enough imo...
    the stormraven should be land raider/valkyrie sized at least, it has to carry 12 marines in an area sizeable enough for jump troops to fit, and grapple a dread underneath it...
    its also an assault vehicle, so a frontal ramp is basically a necessity.

  2. I'd also say that the speeder is too small mate. Go for a valk and build it up from there or you might have problems with other players saying you're modelling for advantage.

  3. Well the Speeder is only the cockpit I will be extending it back alot and adding a transport area in the rear. Between that and the cockpit will be an open area with arms to hold dread in. My only trouble is how to represent the frontal ramp.